Let’s be the Aware

We at C.A.S.T. approach education twofold: institutional-based and grassroots levels.
Institutional-Based Initiatives
We endeavor to help institutions to become the informed.

This means that we assist public and private education, faith-based communities, healthcare institutions, local businesses, and the leisure industry such as hotels and recreational facilities to identify and respond to forms of sexual exploitation and trafficking that they may be encountering.

Our primary form of achieving this is through the Power Over Predators curriculum. For more information about Power Over Predators, click HERE.

Grassroots Initiatives
We strive to help our community members to become the aware.

We do this through awareness nights and community events where we can engage with our neighbors to equip them with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need in recognize and react to forms of sexual exploitation, trafficking, and abuse that may be happening in their neighborhood.
For more resources such as books, video, links, and printable handouts about indicators of sex trafficking, click HERE.


Why Choose C.A.S.T.?

C.A.S.T. will pursue positive change through raising public awareness, fostering education and supporting the restoration of freedom for victims.

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