We believe that bringing an end to sex trafficking of minors begins with education. We are confident that if people in our community are made aware of the problem and ways to help, they will join our fight for freedom.

Here are a few of the public arenas we target for education:
• Health Care—bringing information to hospital ER and maternity personnel who may care for victims
• Business—raising employee awareness in interaction with the public
• Religious—training ministry leaders, especially youth leaders, in awareness and prevention as they work with parents and youth
• Educational—equipping social workers, counselors, principals and teachers to spot signs of a trafficked victim and to help students recognize common lures and vulnerabilities on which perpetrators prey.

If you are a member of one of the groups listed above and would like to be part of the solution, contact us for a speaker or resources.

Other Resources for getting informed

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Learn the Warning Signs of Human Trafficking:
• Teenager has a boyfriend who is significantly older
• Suddenly has more expensive clothing or jewelry without change of employment
• Has a tattoo with a bar-code or pimp’s name
• Sudden change in group of friends
• Disappears for a few days without explanation
• Not in control of personal documents
• Becomes depressed, withdrawn, or combative with family
• Has few personal possessions
• Does not know what city they are in
• Not allowed to speak without third party present
• Poor physical health
• Is not free to come and go as desired
• House has strange look, such as boarded up windows or curtains constantly drawn
• Shows signs of long-term physical abuse or torture
• Is secretive when using their phone or device

Why Choose C.A.S.T.?

C.A.S.T. will pursue positive change through raising public awareness, fostering education and supporting the restoration of freedom for victims.

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